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This is a collection of my favourite presets that I always find myself revisiting. This collection is perfect for Lightroom beginners & enthusiasts alike, looking to further develop their own style, whilst also saving time on editing professionally & in bulk. The Stater Pack features a creamy aesthetic, enhancing & brightening up your photos, whilst maintaining a natural look. The Starter Pack features eight unique presets that are versatile, & easy to use. Even though they are 8 different presets there is still a consistent aesthetic that shines through the collection. This collection is very versatile & that’s why it’s the perfect preset pack to start with.



To get a feel for how my presets work take a look at these before & after examples. The left side show unedited RAW photos - straight from the camera, whilst the right side show the edited version, each using a different preset from my BAS Starter Pack. The photographs show different times of day & locations highlighting these presets versatility.


The Starter Pack
in action

+ personal honest reviewS

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“SO IN LOVE! I have been using presets for a long time and I never found presets that are as cohesive and user friendly as these. The creamy tones and washes are so dreamy and work incredibly well with all of my image styles. They have also been packaged so professionally, no built in crops or gradient filters (my pet hate when purchasing presets). I’m so glad I found these and could not recommend them enough! Amazing price, amazing product… BUY THEM NOW!”
- Keira (Sustainable Lifestyle & Fashion Blogger)
p.s. you can see the way she uses her presets on her insta feed @keiramary_


“These presets were exactly what I was looking for. They are so easy to use and work with all of my photos! I have purchased multiple presets in the past but these are by far my favourite. They transformed my feed and made editing so easy for me! Thank you so much for creating these, I LOVE them!”
- Jess (Travel & Lifestyle Blogger)
p.s. you can see the way she uses her presets on her insta feed @thegirlwiththemaps

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“Literally the best presets I have found! I have been meaning to review for a while now, as these presets have changed the game for me. I now shoot all of my photos through Lightroom just so I can add one of these dreamy presets to them! I love how they make photos look creamy and neutral, they enhance photos so well!
You will not be disappointed in purchasing these, I’m so glad I have them!! If they make my instagram feed look even half as good as Brooke’s does then I’ll be happy!!”
- Leonie Mavroyannis
p.s. you can see the way she uses her presets on her insta feed @leoniejmav


“I use Brooke’s creamy preset all the time and I love it!!”
- Luka McCabe
p.s. you can see the way she uses her presets on her insta feed @lukamccabe

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The starter pack has easy to use presets, saving you time, whilst transforming your photos & bringing them to life!


“THE BEST! Stumbled upon Brooke’s presets via instagram & fell in love instantly. Tried out one of the presets sent to email subscribers & knew I had to have the entire set. They are are so beautiful & cohesive and full of care. Brooke’s helpful guide made the entire process so seamless. Cannot wait to use these on the daily.” - Katie (Starter Pack Preset Customer)