DESKTOP: Starter Pack Presets

DESKTOP: Starter Pack Presets


This is a collection of my favourite presets that I always find myself revisiting. This collection is perfect for Lightroom beginners & enthusiasts alike, looking to further develop their own style, whilst also saving time on editing professionally & in bulk. The Stater Pack features a creamy aesthetic, enhancing & brightening up your photos, whilst maintaining a natural look. The Starter Pack features eight unique presets that are versatile, & easy to use. Even though they are 8 different presets there is still a consistent aesthetic that shines through the collection. This collection is very versatile & that’s why it’s the perfect preset pack to start with.

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BUYERS NOTE: This is a collection of 8 presets exclusively for Lightroom on your desktop computer running Mac OS X or Windows. Click here if you’re looking for Mobile Presets.

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These presets provide an amazing base for creating a beautiful, cohesive aesthetic, however since every photo is lit & composed differently these presets will vary depending on the photo.


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1. All preset collections are not permitted for resale. Please use for personal and home use only
2. All presets must strictly not be edited or duplicated beyond the one download

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