a retreat for your heart,
mind, body & soul

The RED Collective creates empowering space for women to slow down, get creative & connect with other like minded ladies.

RED is an acronym for Rest, Express, Delight. These are the core truths that the RED Collective is founded on & these elements will be the focus of our 3 days together. Day 1 - Rest, Day 2 - Express, Day 3 - Delight. Curated by local creatives this fully catered retreat features creative workshops & self-care sessions that are designed to unpack these 3 core truths in a unique & thoughtful way.

We know how hard it is to stop, feel & hold space for yourself amidst the responsibilities of your daily life. We know quiet can be a scarce commodity in a wold of busy & loud, & we know that it takes time to connect with yourself & what lights you up. Let us hold space for you, let us serve you so you can be still & let us be your 'wooh girl' as you explore & express what your heart has to say. The RED Collective retreat truely is the ULTIMATE getaway for anyone needing time to reconnect & recharge fully! Can’t wait to see you there xx


with all this goodness to look forward to
we are bursting with excitement for the upcoming retreat



WHEN: Friday 15th - Sunday 17th of November, 2019

TIME: Arrive 2pm on Friday the 15th & depart 1pm Sunday the 17th

WHERE: The Chalet, at Cathrine Hill Bay (1.5 hours north of Sydney/40 min south of Newcastle)

INVESTMENT: From $850 - $1150 pp

RED Collective Retreat information

This ultimate weekend getaway features unique creative workshops, self-care sessions, nourishing meals, thoughtful gifts, beautiful spaces & moments to connect - Heart, Mind, Body & Soul

This retreat includes:

  • WORKSHOP: Botanical Mindfulness with Emma Lemke, founder of Floral & Mineral. Learn to take moments to be fully present & let the beauty of our natural world take you there with ease & calm.

  • WORKSHOP: Power Down with Kellee from Wild + Bloom. Learn about your circadian rhythm, ways to calm your central nervous system & a night ritual that promotes deep rest.

  • WORKSHOP: Self Care with Rhi, from Moxie & Muse. Take some moments to treat yourself, practice the art of self care & enjoy a little pamper along the way.

  • PHOTOSHOOT: Empowering Photoshoot with Brooke, from Brooke Art Studio. Getting in front of the camera might feel scary, but it can also be a transformational experience. Learn to see yourself through new eyes & practice the art of self acceptance.

  • WORKSHOP: Letters of Love with Emily Walsh. Lean into a new way of seeing, & expect a perspective shift with this unique writing workshop.

  • PRACTICE: Authentic Expression with Brooke, from Brooke Art Studio. In a safe space, learn a practice that will help you truely express your self.

  • WELLBEING: Recharge with nourishing meals, in beautiful spaces, time in nature & guided moments of mindfulness.

  • ACCOMMODATION: Luxury accommodation at the Chalet, in Cathrine Hill Bay

  • GIFTS: Thoughtful gifts that support the work of local creatives & make you feel extra special.

This retreat is designed to facilitate moments for you to:

    + with yourself in moments of quiet,
    + with other like minded people
    + with our natural world

  • REST
    + giving you time away from the responsibilities & to do lists of life
    + fully catered for meaning no time in the kitchen

    + your self
    + your creativity
    + your heart, mind, body, soul

    + in the present moment
    + in what lights you up & makes you come alive



all you need to do now, is choose your room

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INVESTMENT: From $850 - $1250 pp

Queen | Shared: $850
Queen | Private: $1150

King Bed with Ensuite & Balcony | Shared: $950
King Bed with Ensuite & Balcony | Private: $1250


Honest Reviews from the last RED Collective Retreat

“RED Collective retreat was humbling, grounding, relaxing, exciting & fun. The Botanical Mindfulness Workshop took me by surprise. I loved it! Time to slow down and just enjoy playing with nature.” - Alyce (from Retreat 1)

“Amazing! Never experienced anything like it. I loved the empowering photoshoot, I was shocked at how relaxed Brooke made me feel. I came away from that shoot feeling so much better about myself. I had so much fun!” - Lauren (from Retreat 1)

“It was so fun, I learnt so much about myself. It was beautiful to connect with all these incredible women. Brooke made me feel really comfortable during the photoshoot, & it was lovely to receive the photos back - to feel like you captured my spark but still a lil sexy.” - Emma (from Retreat 1)


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