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Get enhanced Natural edits in one click

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for Lightroom

These Portrait Presets are perfect for anyone who wants edit their photos in a professional way, or if you’re a professional photographer who wants to maintain continuity across your photos. This collection is also perfect for anyone interested in creating their own style - as these presets are a versatile base. This collection was created for photos featuring humans, that’s why it’s named the ‘Portrait Collection’. These 9 unique presets enhance & brighten your photos whilst maintaining a natural look across skin-tones. I created these presets for specific family & portrait shoots, but I’ve used these presets numerous times across a variety of shoots, so I’m confident in this collections aesthetic & flexibility.



To get a feel for how these presets work take a look at these before & after examples. The left side show unedited photos, that were taken on my DSLR, with the right side showing the edited version, each using a different preset from this collection. The photographs show different times of day & locations - highlighting how different presets work to maintain this natural look.

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want enhanced, natural edits, this collection is perfect