When people tell me about their ideal holiday, good food always makes the list. Kenza Cafe was an epic place to call ours for 3 days, we got our pick of tasty delights. There were heaps of delicious vegetarians options, & gosh, their food was so dang pretty, not to mention the cafes dreamy interior.  Working with the Kenza Cafe, came as a great opportunity & welcome surprise. Over our stay, 120 + images were lovingly styled & captured. There was plenty of room for creativity with the brief being, "keep it bright, with as much white as possible". The spaces of the cafe would be transformed depending on the time of day, my favourite shots from this shoot are the ones that play with the cafes changing light & shadow. Enjoy this sample of my shoot for Kenza Cafe. 


"We worked with Brooke for a couple of days and it was amazing. She really gave us what we wanted and even more. Very professional and committed, she very quickly understood our concept without even talking about it before. She created a bunch of content for us in such a short time. We are really grateful for her dedication, smile and love - that she put into every moment while doing the job ! We love her and we want her back soon as possible to keep working and inspiring each other together."
- Kenza Cafe