Independente Collective, Lisbon

"To know that you’re welcome wherever you find yourself at, to feel the world is your home, that is the ultimate goal of the Independente Collective.  This space is the brainchild of four brothers. Avid wanderers they envisioned a different concept of hospitality where travellers, as well as locals, could come together, sharing stories, experiences and memories. The Independente Suites & Terrace stands in the heart of Lisbon along with their two restaurants The Decadente and The Insólito. They aim to provide unique and authentic experiences to each and every one of our guests. Their spaces are designed so that you can feel welcomed and relaxed, and fully enjoy all the city has to offer." Check out the Independante Collective here! 

For the Independente Collective's shoot I went with an urban, modern edit. The marketing team requested a collection of shots that captured the essence of their boutique hostel - People enjoying spaces. I'm excited to see these shots up on their social media platforms soon. Here's a sample of the collection from my shoot in Lisbon. Enjoy x.